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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Shotgun Rodeo - World Wide Genocide

Man - it feels like forever since I've reviewed a groove metal band - especially one that rides the line between mainstream metal and underground thrash so nicely. While yes - there are some moments of almost Five Finger Death Punch-esque vocals peeking in on their new record World Wide Genocide there is also something undeniably brainy to what these guys are doing. While on the one hand I could definitely see a thirteen year old jamming this while he played the latest Call of Duty game I also think there is a much more profound side to the music. The angular riffing helps to establish Shotgun Rodeo as more than just another fucking groove metal band - there is a distinct flavor to what Shotgun Rodeo do - and though it's not necessarily my thing I can definitely appreciate where they are coming from. The musicianship is undeniable and there is a profound sense of fun defining World Wide Genocide that threatens to make it an addictive listen - even for a jaded doom metal nerd like me.

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