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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sixteen Scandals

Don't Call Me Shirley cover art

Sixteen Scandals are one of those fun alt-punk bands that help to make the genre so gosh darn worthwhile. Stripped down and unafraid to acknowledge pop roots as well as more traditional punk ideas their new single Don't Call Me Shirley is a surprisingly summery and fun track that all you rock and rollers can dance along too. Epic in scale and simply danceable these guys have been able to put together punk rock that speaks to 2015. Sixteen Scandals gets what makes this type of music so special and it gives you something that lets you feel alive. In a world of sorrow we need more music like this - music that's out there to help you and not to harm you, it gives you a chance to cleanse yourself in loud guitars and half-shouted vocals. In a world where punk rock too often takes itself too seriously Sixteen Scandals is able to be intelligent, funny, but also poignant - speaking to the human condition and giving us a chance to find freedom.

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