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Monday, November 2, 2015

Phantasma - The Deviant Hearts

Phatasma is something of a symphonic metal supergroup featuring members of Delain, Serenity and Everon. Based around musical duets and a Disney-esque musical sensibility The Deviant Hearts is a surprisingly fun listen full of lush musical soundscapes and powerful compositions. This is more than just a symphonic metal record - it pushes boundaries and creates a sense of utter beauty that is hard to deny. Devilishly addictive and guaranteed to pull at your heart strings - this is what symphonic metal was meant to be about.

That being said - as good as Phantasma are there are definitely a few wrinkles to be ironed out - there could be more work on the vocals and some of the song structures feel a little too over the top. Of course - in some ways that simply adds to the beauty of what the band does. These guys rarely feel obliged to acknowledge their metal roots, and while there certainly are powerful metal moments the band seems to want to focus more on the lush melodies and aural magic that makes the band so cool. The interplay between male and female is stunning - it gives the and a level of depth that very few of their peers could match.

Simply put - despite the few struggles that come from being a newer band Phantasma still manage to do some pretty special and fun stuff on The Deviant Hearts. Full of its own drama and featuring a powerful story (because of course this is a concept record) this is an album that hints at an incredile potential. Phantasma are ridiculously exciting and will leave you wondering what more is to come from a band who seemed destined to climb the power metal ladder and one day maybe even reign supreme.

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