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Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Great Tyrant - The Trouble With Being Born

There is something wonderfully eerie about The Trouble With Being Born. Beyond the stark tragedy that has unfortunately hounded The Great Tyrant's legacy there is something incredibly sorrowful and crushing about what this band does on their final release. Reminiscent of bands like Zombi and Locrian the profound nihility of The Trouble With Being Born will capture your imagination and leave you curious about what more is to come from these tried and true purveyors of the music that God forgot.

Every crushing chord here seems to tear at the heart. The magic of The Trouble With Being Born is that sonically it's not incredibly heavy, but that being said - every note is fused with an incredible emotional power that is almost impossible to deny. You find yourself being slowly dragged down by the magic of what The Great Tyrant are capable of, and you are left to enjoy the murk. Though The Trouble With Being Born is certainly a very weird record, it's also one that you're not going to put down soon. It's one that you need to spin again and again just because it's so gosh darned fascinating, and in fact can't help but be such.

Full of incredible chaos and strangely cleansing because of it, it's hard not to find yourself lost in what The Trouble With Being Born has to share with you. The Great Tyrant fill you with existential horror and also remind us of the beauty of existence - the two sides of the bitter coin we call life. So while yes - this is an album that forces you to confront your mortality, it also offers so much more than that. It's a piece of art that is here to provide shelter from the storm and remind us of the light in the land of hate.

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