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Monday, December 28, 2015

Amken - Adrenaline Shot

There is something inherently enjoyable about thuddy death thrash. The way it storms forward and soars out over the listener is always a good time and the inherent darkness of the music is directly contrasted by the blazing energy. Amken do a great job of balancing DIY production values with modern thrash ideas creating a record that is both distinctly European and modern about their new release, something that will allow it to resonate with listeners for all of 2016 and, with a little luck, far beyond.

The high pitched cry of "It's time to die!" on Zombie Pets is a sort of metaphor for the record as a whole. It shows the tongue in cheek nature of the record, but also the bands tendency to go for the bombastic and over the top magic that makes thrash so fun. Another refreshing element of the record is that even though you definitely get a few mid paced grooves and chunky rhythms Amken do a good job of distancing themselves from pizza thrash. Instead they focus on the raw absurdity of a genre that somehow encompasses both Metallica and Sarcofago and Amken manage to pull from the influence of both.

Adrenaline Shot is a fairly straightforward EP, and a very enjoyable ride. It's an album that brings a lot to the table and understands the fundamental joys of letting your hair out and going into the pit with your buddies. It drives forward with the same kind of bargain basement brilliance that has inspired so many other likeminded musicians to create great art. Amken are growing fast and though this record may only have a handful of tracks it leaves eager listeners excited to see what more is to come.

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