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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Worth Dying For - Chimaera

Worth Dying For are an incredibly talented melodic death metal band out of Quebec, their new record Chimaera is a rightly hyped release that will impress listeners and shows why there is an eternal power behind this kind of music. That being said - the production on Chimaera at times leaves something to be desired, but all in all that doesn't seem to take from the overall quality of a release that is fun, poignant and always powerful. It sees the band drive forward with a distinct style and charm that will keep your fist in the air for many a spin.

One of the things that Worth Dying For do really well is fuse the distinct brand of shreddy keyboards with old school melodeath elements as well as modern death metal touches. It allows Chimaera to have a distinct sound and speaks to the qualities of the compositions therein. While at times things don't feel like they mesh well and the cleans feel a bit forced, the sheer skill and potential behind the group vastly overwhelms any minor drawbacks that one might find. Worth Dying For know exactly who they are and what they are trying to accomplish, creating art that overwhelms the listener and knows exactly when it dazzles.

At the end of the day Chimaera is an album that points at great things to come for these Quebecois melodeath maniacs. The guitar solos are wonderfully executed and the band loves their flash. There is something distinctly fun about what they do and it's hard not to fall in love with the powerfully put together pieces at hand here. Worth Dying For are great musicians, and while they are still getting some aspects of their sound together I can say for damn sure that they understand the power of this music and where it's going next.

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