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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Across All Oceans - Homegrown

Regular readers have probably noticed that I'm a pretty sad dude with a lot of weird stories to tell. For some reason, almost as a direct result of this I have this weird love for pop punk and emo - especially when fused, as Across All Oceans do on their latest release - the exciting and brilliantly executed five tracks of sadness that is Homegrown. Wonderfully human and a reflection on all the pain that we forgot we had forgot Homegrown reflects a sort of internal drama that reminds us of a certain undeniable humanity within us all. 

The anthems on this record speak to to the human condition and the bizarre loneliness, that we face in the modern world. There is a very real sadness at had here and it reminds us that despite it all we are not the only ones. The albums second track Permanence brings the ephemeral nature of humanity to the front and reminds us that we are not the only ones. Maybe I'm just a lonely twenty something in a world of lonely twenty somethings or maybe Across All Oceans have been able to properly tap into our modern nihilism. In a world where it feels like we are destined to be forgotten Homegrown sympathizes and reminds us that people do in fact care.

Don't get me wrong - these guys are bitter and sad - but so am I, and chances are you are too. Homegrown provides us with something that we can all connect to and identify with. It speaks to a darker reality that we all need to deal with. Yes we are haunted b demons of the past but somehow we can surmount them and help build a better tomorrow. This might not seem easy at first but it is possible and PoAcross All Oceans remind us why we are so deeply invested in the music, and like the bands frontman we can acknowledge that their is a way forward even though "all these thoughts of you are hold me back."

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