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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Intensive Square - Anything That Moves

One thing that regularly piques my interest is when the "Recommended If You Like" section of a press release features bands that seem totally disparate. In the case of Intensive Square I was given, "RIYL: Pantera, Meshuggah" Now - I really like both of those bands, lots of people do, and for good reason. I just never felt that anyone had really been able to fuse those two sound outside of the most noxious derivative djent bullshit from 2012. I'm happy to report that on Anything That Moves the band doesn't just seamlessly fuse those sounds they help to construct a brighter future for a band who can't help but garner the interest of metal nerds across the globe.

What gets me about this band is that their distinct aesthetic is the kind of thing that feels like it should be obvious - yet no one has done it as well as these guys. While there certainly is a lot of late period Meshuggah worship, and more than a little atonality keeping things fresh, the band also fearlessly includes groove elements that Meshuggah hasn't emphasized for years. Beyond that - Intensive Square feel very weird, the squealing guitars and distortion on the outro of The Long Man serve as a sort appetizer for all of the weirdness that is to come later down the line from these Welsh progressive metal freaks.

Simply put - I really love weird music, especially when it comes in a package that caters to my sense of groove. While yes - Intensive Square wear their influences on their collective sleeve, those influences are awesome and they know how to execute far better than most of their peers. It creates a listening experience that is fresh and unique - a testament to the greatness of a band who, having recently signed to Black Bow Records, are only just starting to get a taste of the success that they so evidently deserve.

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