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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Obsidian Kingdom - A Year With No Summer

Season of Mist have regularly impressed in recent months with their willingness to put out some truly weird and unique music. Such is the case with one of their latest offerings - the truly fascinating A Year With No Summer. The weird and chaotic sounds of the latest Obsidian Kingdom record are certainly challenging (I mean, they do have a song about Wassily Kandinsky after all) but they are also strangely triumphant. They speak to what this and has the potential to become and shows us how far they have journeyed.

I think what strikes me about A Year With No Summer is its ability to fuse a myriad of interesting musical ideas into something almost transcendent. While yes, there is a huge Pink Floyd and general prog influence on the record, A Year With No Summer also sees the touches of extreme metal that have defined previous work from the band, as well as a few other seemingly disparate musical ideas being united under the same banner. So yes, this is a fairly dense listen, and yes, it's primarily for music nerds, but if you are in that much maligned group I think you are going to find that A Year With No Summer is a cut above most other experimental rock.

Despite everything Obsidian Kingdom still maintain a few ties to 'real music' making this not as intimidating as many other things Season of Mist will put out this year. Yet, with its weird drones and spaced out vocals there are definitely moments on A Year With No Summer that will get the casual listener asking, 'Is this even music?' Losing yourself in the reassuring throb and finding peace in the otherworldly sounds at hand though is surprisingly easy and the more I come back, the more I love it. Obsidian Kingdom are going to open your mind whether you like it or not, so why not just sit back and enjoy the ride?

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