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Sunday, February 21, 2016

La Chinga - Freewheelin'

I'll be totally straight with you guys. Sometimes I review a band solely because I think that their album art is fucking dope - such is the case with Freewheelin' the sophomore release from La Chinga - a Vancouver power trio who understand what it means to bring the boogie where it's needed - they are simply that good. High powered, energetic and fun almost to a fault these guys bring the ZZ Top and Sir Lord Baltimore worship to the fore and are having some hard hitting rock and roll good times with fans across the globe.

The riffs are more or less what you would expect from a band with album art like La Chinga. Yeah they wear their influences on their collective sleeves but their influences are awesome so who really gives a fuck? Beyond that - La Chinga actually do have a pretty distinctive approach, fusing an earlier punk sound with the music of later 70s rock bands to get something that sounds distinctly their own. La Chinga have steeped their entire sound in a very distinctive rock and roll iconography too - song titles like "Mother Of All The Snake Heads" and "Mountain Momma" conjure up mystical images of times gone by.

La Chinga are the product of their influences - but unlike many of their peers they actually understand what they are trying to do with it and have a clear artistic vision. I mean, if a band intentionally bills themselves as a power trio in 2016 then they are clearly turned on to some shit that most of their peers have been ignoring. La Chinga get the spirit of rock and roll and for better or worse that has led to them putting out some gnarly fuckin' tunes that have their own well deserved place in the rock and roll canon.

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