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Monday, February 22, 2016

Spirit Adrift - Behind - Beyond

There is something to be said for albums that sound big with vocals that ring out, and riffs that just sort of resonate. They take up space and they provide a sort of sonic space for your mind to explore even as you navigate the darkest dungeons and the saddest moments of lives that seem torn between hell and a heartbeat. Such is the case with Spirit Adrift's latest EP, the soul melting Behind - Beyond a two song EP that fits very nicely into a modern doom aesthetic and helps to cement the bands place in the scene.

One of the things that gets me about Behind - Beyond is the sheer quality of the songwriting. The sense of forward motion that you get on some of these riffs is monstrous and the mournful cry of "Freedom from pain" that rings out during the closing passage of the track Specter Of Ruin helps to showcase what this band is all about - a sort of transcendent look into the incredible sadness of our lives. The riffs often maintain a sort of dreamy washed out quality which at times can be contrasted with more Neurosis like elements. Spirit Adrift aren't afraid to flaunt their influences, but they couch it in enough of their own stuff to make it worthwhile.

The dirge meets spirit world magic of Spirit Adrifts sound is a powerful thing, and the two tracks on Behind - Beyond help to reflect the bands distinct aesthetic. Though yes at times you can tell that this is only a debut EP when you listen it's hard to ignore the incredible potential that Spirit Adrift flaunt. There are things I'd change - but a lot of that will come with time, this is a band who are growing, who wrote their debut EP the month they formed (May 2015) and are getting ready to take the world by storm. These guys kick ass and have a distinct sound, what more do you need? I certainly don't know.

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