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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Sound Of Memories - To Deliverance

To Deliverance cover art

Sound of Memories were one of my favorite live bands back in the halcyon days of my youth. For some reason it totally slipped under my radar when they put out their debut full length in November of 2015. Chock full of their trademark melodeath slaughter there is something endlessly charming about this band and their insane - bloodthirsty dedication, not just to their wonderfully intelligent lyrics but also the genre as a whole. To Deliverance is an achievement that reflects on the power of the French metal scene.

Everything about this album is tight, the entire way its been put together, with flashy solos, sparkling bass fills and wonderfully angular riffs just evidences the incredible travail that this record represents. Beyond that, there is something almost anthemic about To Deliverance and I love it. It takes the band to the next level by making their songs the sort of thing that just about any fan of extreme music could get behind. It also helps to define Sound Of Memories very distinct aesthetic. The passion and ferocity behind the sound can't help but draw you in and reminds you why you loved melodic death metal so much in the first place.

Even the vocals on this album manage to add color despite staying in a fairly uniform death growl. Frontman Flo Orsini guides you through the fire and the flames to a triumphant end. There aren't a lot of records coming out these days that are as well put together as this one is, and the more you spin it the more you start to realize the almost mystical compositional prowess of the musicians here. Endearing, potent and endlessly exciting Sound Of Memories have managed to capture my heart once again.

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