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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Supervoid/Red Desert - The Second Coming Of Heavy: Chapter 2

I've long thought that The Second Coming Of Heavy series was one of the coolest things happening among a flock of cool things that Ripple Music has going on. The latest submission to this series, appropriately titled The Second Coming Of Heavy: Chapter 2 is a split between Supervoid and Red Desert. Featuring the fuzzed out tones that make so much of this classic rock and roll stuff so worthwhile these two bands prove that they both deserve a place in a scene crowded by posers and chumps.

Supervoid kick off the split with wide open sounds and psychedelic riffs that seem like they'd be nicely complimented by something green. The way that the band so easily straddles sonic landscapes is actually really exciting to me and suggests that Supervoid are building towards something truly great. Sure they may not have found the key yet, but I get the impression they know where to look. Meanwhile, Red Desert seem a bit more down to earth, using tight pentatonic solos and throbbing grooves to court listeners into rock and roll submission. Feeling them vibe out with stripped down passages contrasting surprisingly lush soundscapes is ridiculously enjoyable.

It's good to take the time to properly vibe out to a record - especially in this high powered hyperspeed day and age. The Second Coming Of Heavy: Chapter 2 lets you do exactly that. A fitting tribute not just to the scene but all the great shit that Ripple Music represents it's easy to fall in love with the broken hearts and fall aparts found within this record. Let the droning bass lines and punchy guitars carry you off - rock and roll is in full on revolution baby, and its compilations like this that are leading the charge.

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