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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Verdun - The Eternal Drift's Canticles

It's Easter morning, but rather than be with my family I'm preparing for a long day of drinking and writing about metal. Today's offering is The Eternal Drift's Canticles the latest from Montpellier doomsters Verdun. What impressed me about this release was not just the bands dedication to brutality, but the way they seamlessly integrate hardcore elements into a psyched out doom sound. What you get is a band who sound like what would have happened if Mike Scheidt had only gone to hardcore shows but still loved Black Sabbath.

There is a very real poetry to what Verdun have created here. The droning vocals contrasted with harsher screams and cavernous guitar sounds are entrancing. Factor in the power of the melodic content and you get a sense of perpetual forward motion that captures the listeners heart and holds their spirit hostage. Verdun use The Eternal Drift's Canticles to show that they have an entirely unique take on doom. Sure they incorporate a lot of the traditional elements, but no one else is really executing in the way that Verdun do. You find your body twisted into unholy motion - why? Because they are that fucking good.

This is one of those doom records that gives me hope for the genre as a whole, It proves there is a lot of room for the music to grow. The Eternal Drift's Canticles expands on dooms already vast sonic pallet and proves that there are world of sound to be explored before we can truly understand the genre. Verdun are doom metal masters for a new generation and their distinctly weird, antediluvian sounds are going to resonate with you - simply because this is a band who are doing something new and are impossible to fuck with.

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