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Monday, April 11, 2016

Earth Rot - Cthonian Virtues

Australian death metal is a beautiful thing. I guess when you come from a country as demented as Australia it's easier to create the devils music. Cthonian Virtues is Earth Rot's third release since their inception in 2014(!) and seem to only build on the potent legacy that the band has begun to create for themselves. Filled with monstrous bombastic blackened death metal riffs and a wonderful dedication to brutality, this is the kind of metal record that you should write home about. Cthonian Virtues is a beast of an EP and one that you should listen to again and again.

The thing that gets me about Cthonian Virtues is simply how massive it sounds. There is no room to do anything but to revel in the beautiful murk of this album. The thrilling guitar attack and devastating growls come together to form the sort of sonic assault that reminds us why we fell in love with this music in the first place. Earth Rot captures the imagination not because they are breaking all the rules but rather because they are so goddamn good at playing by them. See, Earth Rot are a metalheads metal band.They borrow from a variety of genres in order to create music that tears at the heartstrings and smashes your head into a wall.

Earth Rot are simply that good. This is the band who go for the throat and succeed, but who also know how to create some powerful soundscapes with exciting riffs to back them up. Though Cthonian Virtues sticks to many tried and true metal concepts the band is talented enough that this doesn't really matter. The song structures and arrangements are so tastefully done that you can't help but to get swept up in the madness. Cthonian Values shows us all that metal has been building towards for years now, and it is amazing.

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