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Friday, April 22, 2016

Devildriver - Trust No One

Devildriver are one of the more exciting bands in the world of mainstream death metal. I mean sure they often use some pretty standard tropes, but that doesn't mean that there new record Trust No One is a masterpiece. Shreddy, potent and oftentimes anthemic, this is a mainstream metal masterpiece, an album with a sense of grit and depth that makes it worth revisiting time and time again. In 2016 not a lot of metal records really have the potential to appeal across generations of fans, Trust No One is one of the few.

Trust No One gets me on multiple levels. Perhaps most obviously are the hooks. Every riff on his record draws you in, bats you and spits you out. There is no filler on Trust No One and Devildriver know it. The pounding, balls out assault of a song like Bad Deeds is exciting, and is nicely contrasted by more mid tempo moments. The other key aspect to this record that captures the imagination is the use of guitars to provide atmospheric padding. It makes the record sound absolutely immense. When used in conjunction with Dez Fafara's unique vocal delivery you find yourself staring down a double barrel of heavy metal destruction.

Simply put, Trust No One with its revamped lineup and bold new progression on the classic Devildriver sound has made for one of the bands best releases in years. A band who I had once thought had just fallen by the wayside have managed to come back and go for the throat with an album that sounds wonderfully hungry. Devildriver have evolved with their fans to become something greater, bordering on transcendent. This is the sound of the bold new future of a band about to get bigger than ever.

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