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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Dynazty - Titanic Mass

Dynazty is one of those fun European hard rock bands who really get the flair of the genre, infusing the music with a unique brand of power metal, using dazzling solos and high powered riffs in order to capture the hearts and minds of listeners across the globe. Titanic Mass is anthemic and joyful, a veritable triumph that gets your fist pumping as you scream along to the powerful tunes that have come to define an album that will get your pulse racing. This is a band who get rock and roll and whose dedication to the genre will reign unmatched.

See - Dynazty understand exactly what it is that nerds like me love about hard rock and they revel in it. They aren't trying to impress me with tough guy antics and beatdown riffs. No - they revel in lyrics like "Fill your heart with gasoline, inject yourself with adrenaline" because Dynazty are here to throw down and party. Few bands really get the inherent magic of this whole thing that way that Dynazty do and that's exactly what makes Titanic Mass so much fun to listen too. There was never meant to be anything super serious about Dynazty in the first place, except perhaps for the musicianship, and that was always top notch.

I'm not trying to say this is a joke band either - merely that Dynazty are reveling with raw energy and punchy choruses that will have you with your fist in the air, a slave to the eternal power that this kind of music can have. Not a lot of bands can plaster a smile on my face like Dynazty but there is something so genuine and eager about Titanic Mass that it would be hard to deny the beauty of what they have managed to piece together here. This is a hard rockers rock and roll masterpiece and will let you fall in love, now and forever.

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