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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Vektor - Terminal Redux

Vektor have long been one of my favorite bands on the thrash metal scene, and it's been five years since their last record. After years of teasing, and constant existential angst on the part of thrash metal kids across the globe, the time has finally come - the most exciting band in thrash has put out an album that transcends all previous expectations. See, Terminal Redux, while very thrashy, sees the band emphasize their prog side more than anything else, and comes off as the most Vektor-esque Vektor record yet.

What I'm trying to say is that Vektor is at their best when they are gloriously geeky. Terminal Redux, with its flashy solos, clean male and female vocals (!!!) and epic overarching story has made for the geekiest Vektor record yet. The bands ability to balance high energy, world breaking thrash metal with high minded prog concepts is stunning as ever, and though the songs on Terminal Redux tend to run long as compared to previous releases, the album remains surprisingly catchy. It sees the band expanding on every possible aspect of their sound in order to generate something that goes far beyond its peers. 

I thought that the rest of the world would catch up to Vektor while they were writing this record, but they haven't. Now Vektor has jumped another ten years ahead of the rest of the scene. Terminal Redux is exactly what you would want from a band who took so long to put out a new record, it proves that there is still so much left to be done in thrash metal. Vektor might actually be space aliens because their approach to the genre is so unorthodox and powerful that I don't know if anyone else will ever be able to imitate them. 

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