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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wormed - Krhigsu

Wormed are an absolute hell of a band. Not a lot of groups can play incredibly technical blast happy death metal but also infuse it with a chugging destructive might reminiscent of Cannibal Corpse. Wormed take a variety of surprisingly brutal elements are bale to turn them into something grandiose in scale. The stop start crunch of the band and their devastating assault sits at once on the cutting edge of death metal, and back in the dungeon dwelling basement days of Butchered At Birth. They are simply that good.

Wormed captured my heart because they are so firmly tied in to what death metal is supposed to be. They exploit all sides of the genre and have become masters of something much more exciting. This is a band who crush the listeners skull in, the searing magic of the band and their endless fury coming down again and again, bashing your skull in ever deeper and proving time and time again that this is a death metal band for the ages. A band who can write powerful, unique sounding music, but also adhere to the tropes that make the heavy stuff so worthwhile. Also their drummer ha some of the best blast beats I've ever heard which is always nice.

It's rare that I genuinely enjoy a brutal death metal band. Most of the time the bands get lost up their collective asses and don't bother to bring anything new and exciting to the table. This is not the case with the almighty Wormed, Krhigsu is going to leave you stunned. There is a menacing, roaring sense of evil to this record, something that few of the bands peers ever properly invoke, and it reminds you for track after track why they are one of the most exciting death metal bands out there. In a stagnant scene, Wormed are taking over the world. 

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