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Monday, May 9, 2016

Suns Of Thyme - Cascade

So one of the most exciting trends in modern heavy music has to be the genres newfound penchant for weirdness. The truly bizarre tones captured on wax for Napalm Records artists alone is monumental. The latest in this new and proud wave of bands is Suns of Thyme, a tripped out psych prog band who are reminiscent of acts like Hawkwind, but who manage to maintain a certain degree of separation such that their music tends to go more for pure beauty than alienating acid eating madness.

Of course - no psych prog record would be complete without its weirder moments, and Suns Of Thyme certainly understand the significance of that aspect of their musical heritage. The quality of the compositions is stunning, the gentle guitars and washed out synths perfectly compliment each other and make Cascade an album that you can come back to again and again. Sure, it's not super dense, but it uses its open soundscapes and unique song structures to entice the listener and remind them why this type of music owns the hearts of thousands. Simply put - Cascade is chicken soup for the soul.

So come join me - Cascade certainly leaves room enough for two. The band has embraced all the dorkiness that makes them great but simultaneously infuses their sound with a sense of forward momentum that keeps you coming back for more. Few can imitate what these guys have done stylistically and as they evolve I get the impression that they will only dive further down their very unique rabbit hole. Suns Of Thyme have cultivated something truly special here - and where they go now could change the future of rock.

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