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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Foghound - The World Unseen

Ripple Music have historically killed it, and 2016 seems to be their best year yet. The label has often had to deal with stoner rock bands who are a little too close to Black Sabbath but who never properly understood the meaning of the bad. Foghound is not one of those bands. They capture the 70s rock and roll ethos (And more importantly - Sabbathian elements) with aplomb and have refined something truly special. The songwriting here is top notch and the wonderfully raw energy will have you coming back for more.

I think the thing that gets me about The World Unseen is that there is a little something for everyone here. If you're into Black Sabbath you can certainly get your rocks off, but for those of us who are fans of more modern rock ideas there is a ton to dig into as well. Foghound offer a delicious variety of ideas here and drive it all through their own distinct paradigm. There is something endlessly engaging about what they have crafted here - and it should be no mystery, they truly understand rock and roll and all of the power that that entails. The World Unseen distills a genre we love down to its beautiful core elements.

Pentatonic, tripped out and unafraid to dive into the weirder side of rock music, this is an album that reminds us of the innovative spirit of the Seventies without spending too much time aping the old masters (Though there is a LOT of Sabbath worship here) Foghound are the kind of band who bring the music forward because they have managed to mix old and now, thus creating their own void and showing us that despite popular belief, rock and roll isn't dead, and as a matter of fact there is a whole lot to sink your teeth into, even in 2016.

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