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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Slow Season - Westing

Slow Season have always impressed me with their super chilled out sound and dedication to hard psychedelia of the sort that few of the bands peers dare deal with. It's easy to dive into the stoned revery and secular haze that the band conjures up on Westing. A band who could be thought of as a more subdued version of Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats - or at least a trippier take on the rock and roll revival bands dominating stoner rock blogs these days Slow Season never fail to impress. This latest offering, full of forward motion and swirling riffs is no exception.

The problem with a lot of stoner rock these days is that it gets lost up its own ass because every young guitarist thinks he's Matt Pike for some fucking reason. Slow Season's songs rarely become too long, and their more extended moments serve a solid purpose within the song. They give you a moment to step back, to enjoy the sheer space of the music and to bite in even deeper to riffs that capture the angular and raw magic of this kind of music. With the washed out vocals soaring high above the bands garage rock reveries Westing makes for an addictive listen for any fan of 70s rock and roll.

So yes, they might be called a little derivative - but I feel otherwise. Slow Season are certainly wearing their influences on their collective sleeve, but they are still a shit ton of fun to listen to and they still represent something greater in the world of rock and roll. You can sink your teeth into what they have offered here and it's easy to lose yourself in fun choruses, tasty solos and riffs that could spin for days. Slow Season understand the spirit of the 70s and transport it into the 10's with burning aplomb.

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