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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Twilight Fauna - Fire Of The Spirit

Twilight Fauna are the latest band to come off the amazing Ravenwood Recordings and Fragile Branch Recordings label. This record is a stunning testament to all that black metal can be. It is deeply emotive, exciting, and chock to the brim of fascinating twists and turns that see the band touching on many different sides of the black metal paradigm. Fire Of The Spirit is the sort of black metal album that wraps you up in tender arms and carries you off to a tripped out world of psychedelic splendor.

There are a lot of nice little touches that make Fire Of The Spirit so special. For example the periodic crowd babble that we hear on this record adds to the organic magic. Furthermore, the subdued overall vibe, with big open chords and very often quieted down vocals is stunning. It allows you to really get lost in the music and find piece in the demented absolution provided here. The use of distortion is almost an instrument unto itself is really potent, especially on songs like A Green Moth In The Mist which take full advantage of it to add to the eerie, demented artistry found behind the scenes here. This is an album that you can't help but to fall in love with.

While Twilight Fauna are billed as black metal I have a hard time viewing them as such. So much of their sound is oriented around dark ambient vibes and a surreal sense of punishment. Fire Of The Spirit is a charmer, but also a piece of poetry. It's an album that takes many a listen to properly pick apart, and then when you think you've finally wrapped your head around what it represents it shows us the magic of dark music, and when it comes to the end of the day we are once again desperately in love. 

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