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Monday, August 1, 2016

Running Wild - Rapid Foray

Running Wild are hand down one of the most impressive bands of the last forty years. Despite only barely touching on mainstream attention, these German heavy metal stalwarts have put out 17 albums(!) worth of pirate inspired madness. Their latest offering, Rapid Foray is merely another step in an epic journey that stretches back across the sands of time and reminds us of the power of heavy metal, even as we move forward in a demented and confusing world. Despite it all, Running Wild remain strong.

German metal has always stood out. It's always reliable, you can come back to it time and time again and find those classic elements - big choruses, powerful melodies and a sense of burning energy that carries us through the fire and the flames. Rapid Foray is devastating in that it shows us a band who have been working at this for longer than pretty much all of their fans have been alive and who still burn with tat same passion. They have one of the most impressive discographies in the genre, and the quality of their songwriting reflects it. Rapid Foray is a blast from the past that remains surprisingly vibrant, even in 2016.

With high energy guitar solos, thrashing rhythms and the same burning passion that inspired them to pick up instruments all those years ago I feel like it's not an exaggeration to say that Running Wild are as good as, if not better than ever. Rapid Foray is an exciting listen. In a world where most metal sounds the same and bands come and go like waves crashing on the beach it's reassuring to have a band who just unironically love pirates and NWOBHM style metal and have a deep enough passion to keep doing that for years and years.

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