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Monday, August 15, 2016

Seas Of Wake and Binary Code at The Knitting Factory

The Knitting Factory is a fun venue - it's right by my house, in a neighborhood with a ton of bars and restaurants. Basically - if you are going to hit up a show - then this is the place to be. So that's why I was stoked that Derek Soto would be putting on Pantages II.Though I unfortunately showed up later than I would like (Got caught up at a Meshuggah listening party #humblebrag) I was stoked to be able to catch at least two bands and revel in the incredible magic that they had conjured up with just a few minutes of music.

Seas Of Wake really impressed me. Though their sound isn't exactly what I go for in my day to day they were really damn good at what they did. The band sound incredibly tight and their delivery is top notch. Its rare that you see a younger band who deliver with the sheer professionalism and excellence of Seas Of Wake. They bring forward what a mainstream metal show should be about and watching them tear it up with their bouncy riffs and wonderfully technical guitar parts was a ton of fun. I'm very curious to see where this band goes because they are clearly very serious about their craft and have a ton of potential.

When Binary Code came on there was excitement in the air - after all they are one of the leading names in progressive music. It was fascinating to get to see them in such a relatively intimate setting given all that they have built up over the last few years. The New Yorkers absolutely demolished the audience with their set - playing to the peak of their abilities and reminding us why they get on so many great tours. You could see the hard years on the road in their playing and it was clear that this band was the real deal. Again - maybe they aren't for me - but they still understand the fundamental power this music has.

So another show came to a close. Sure I had only seen a pair of bands, but what a pair! Seas Of Wake and Binary Code are among the hottest names in their particular subset of the metal world. New York City has great metal shows pretty much every night of the year and this particular evening was no exception. The thing is - The Knitting Factory was the perfect venue to watch up and coming bands who are clearly on the brink of greatness. It allowed us to reach out and look once more to the stars above.

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