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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Saint Vitus - Live Vol. 2

Man - I can't help but to love Saint Vitus - which makes me all the sadder that I'm missing their upcoming US tour with The Skull and Witch Mountain because I myself will be on tour. That being said - their latest offering Live Vol. 2 is a fitting representation of what the band is and what they can represent. Live Vol. 2 is one of those potent doom metal statements that makes you curious for more and reminds you what doom is all about. Coming off a weekend like the one I just had at Psycho Las Vegas I need stuff like this to get through my day.

I think the reason that Saint Vitus has always appealed to me is how demented hey are. There is something inherently twisted about this band and their take on the human condition - which is exactly why they have been so popular for so long, it's not just because Wino is a god. Their tendency to fade away into a wall of pure noise and use demented solos to reflect a sort of internal torment is stunning. It shows us that even today these doom legends have the sort of control that bands half their age dream of. Saint Vitus are a band who reflect the human condition with loud guitars and twisted vocals - making it obvious why so many big name musicians worship them.

Live Vol. 2 is a perfect reflection of why I love Saint Vitus. It's why when my buddy called me in the middle of writing this review I immediately started raving about the album. It's why the band has resonated with so many for so long. When you get to that final cathartic wall of noise that defines that all time classic, Born To Late you take a moment to revel in the sheer volume of it all. So perhaps we were born to late but at least we can still enjoy the magic of Saint Vitus - this is the band that has saved us all.

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