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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Trap Them - Crown Feral

Trap Them sure are angry. I know that sounds silly given their status as y'know - a hardcore band - but god damn do the guys in Trap Them know how to rip! Crown Feral, their latest offering is wonderfully vicious, dark and twisted - a reflection on the evil realities found within the bands discography. The thing is - Crown Feral shows an impressive step forward for the bad, taking hardcore as a whole to the next level with powerful riffs but also technical frills that many of their peers could never compete with.

There is something about the inherent evil of Crown Feral that has me head over heels in love. I think the way that the band has tempered their trademark crunch with chaotic lines higher up on the fretboard has opened up new dimensions for what they can do. The open strings and ferocious playing are perfectly balanced, storms of volume fall in place wonderfully reflecting the magic of the band and what they are capable of. The neverending forward motion showcased in these songs is terrifying to say the least. Crown Feral goes for the throat and once it clenches down it refuses to let go.

Trap Them is the sort of band who are at this point totally unstoppable. Crown Feral represents something new in hardcore but still plays by a lot of the rules. It simply takes the previous limitations of the music and pushes them to their logical extremes. Every few years hardcore has an album that takes the genre a few steps forward, that shows us the potential the genre has always had. As far as I can tell Crown Feral is one such album - and years from now hardcore kids in suburbs across America will genuflect at the power and the rage of Trap Them.

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