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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Drudkh/Grift - Betrayed By The Sun/Hagringar

I for one think it's a masterstroke the Drudkh have been releasing a series of EP's over the past few years. This is a band who for a long time made their name on stunning compositions and now they are elevating the whole genre with them. The latest and greatest of these records is of course Betrayed By The Sun/Hagringar their split with the wonderfully potent Grift. With each band contributing two tracks of black metal majesty and forcing you to genuflect in honor of the darker gods above its clear that both of these bands are gems.

Drudkh kick off the split with a pair of tracks that honestly raise the bar even for them. The sense of transcendence communicated in the music and the overwhelming power of these songs is practically antediluvian. Their blazing attack and top notch production will leave you scraping you jaw off the floor and trying to reconcile yourself with a scene greater than any one of us. For their part Grift demonstrate a solid understanding of black metal orthodoxy but also manage to take their sound into the twenty first century. They have the same polished production as Drudkh but with stronger melodies, this record is a solid step up for them. I'd even go so far as to say that at times Hagringar rivals Betrayed By The Sun in terms of sheer quality.

This is the sort of black metal split that speaks to my soul. I've always loved the side of the genre obsessed with nature, poetry and the ancient times. These two bands perfectly compliment each other in creating a space for that sort of sound to grow and resonate. This is a pair of bands who emphasize quality songwriting and who, with their stirring drive manage to pound through the fire and the flames to invoke something deliciously bleak. Betrayed By The Sun/Hagringar is the kind of black metal split that could go down in history.

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