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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Barishi - Blood From The Lions Mouth

Barishi are one of the most highly touted bands to come off Season Of Mist in the last few years - and for good reason the rule. I mean sure they aren't totally for me but if you can't respect the fuck out of their top notch songwriting and their ability to create a rather distinctive personal style then I feel sorry for you. This is a band who have taken a lot of extreme metals flair and managed to distill it into something that is purely their own and which reflects the same deepset madness that many of their peers can only dream of touching on.

The bands penchant for sprawling chords and twisted vocals can't help but to draw me in. The way that they balance out their approach and charm you with twisted song structures is frankly fascinating. They represent the apex of a lot of modern metal - having taken many of the prime ideas from their peers and refining it into something are smoother and more powerful. It captures the chaos of the genre to be sure but there is also something very controlled about Barishi it's a pleasure to listen to them as they slowly pick their way forward through their careers and overwhelm the listener with their unique vibes.

This is a group whose entire approach to the genre is simultaneously out of left field and strangely natural. While nothing should be out and out surprising about the bands take on extreme metal by this point it's still strangely fascinating to really sit back with their music and try to understand exactly what they are on about. Blood From The Lions Mouth hints at a brave new age in extreme metal and I think that it could represent a brave new era for the genre - Barishi have that kind of magic about them and I'm excited to watch it unfold.

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