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Monday, September 5, 2016

Thy Catafalque - Meta

Thy Catafalque have long been one of Season Of Mists premiere experimental projects. With a sound that knows no boundaries and represents all sides of the metal world, the projects latest offering, Meta is a pondering and meandering look at the self. A continuation upon Thy Catafalque's years of meandering - Meta shows the listener the true potential of Tamas Katai's work with epic compositions and strange sonic explorations that leave you questioning the very nature of music. This is in many ways the culmination of the bands years of work.

It's sometimes hard to believe that this Edinburgh project has released seven albums and yet here we are - standing underneath a potent banner of the avant garde. In many ways Thy Catafalque is black metal taken to the logical extreme - but there is so much more to the music than that. Within these strange musical realms you find hints of death and doom as well as non metallic musics. Tamas Katai is a hard dude to pin down - he brings a lot to the table and to understand his work you need to do the same. It's hard to take this record on in one sitting but when handled as a more overarching piece of art it's a nice treat.

The power of the compositions at hand here is impressive. The arrangements are grandiose and hint at strange new earths and the bands general approach to writing is oftentimes hard to wrap your head around. At the same time Meta can be surprisingly human and give you a very honest and meaningful look inside the head of one of 21st centuries great avant garde composers. So yes - this record is very dense and definitely not for everyone but it is also going to make you raise a fist in the air and smile in honor of all that has been said and done. 

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