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Monday, November 28, 2016

No Gods No Masters - Fear In A Handful Of Dust

I've gotten a couple more emails than usual this week from artists I reviewed years ago wondering if I could take care of them again. Now that's no something I really have time for with all the people hitting me up but fuck it, it's Christmas and has been since Halloween, so I bring you once more motherfucking No Gods No Masters a sludge metal band who understand why the genre is so gloriously fucked up and beat our skulls in with their primal majesty time and time again. Their new record Fear In A Handful Of Dust is a bottom blasting masterpiece that will leave you roaring.

I think what I love about No Gods No Masters is that not only do they have that vital sense of forward motion that defines so many of the best bands in their genre, but that they balance that with a very foundational sense of evil. Fear In A Handful Of Dust is a record that grinds forward mercilessly, choking you out and beating you about the head and face with its devastating crunch. No Gods No Masters speaks to the blackened magic that this kind of music can have, and reveling in the murk of this band is a joy that I won't soon forget. No Gods No Masters easily conjure up a distinct aura and suggest that all life will fall apart.

These guys open up their throats in murderous ululations, odes to a time that none of us truly want to remember but which we can never forget. They understand the tortured madness of this music and their bluesy riffs crush forward, going for the throat and showing us that you can be shown Fear In A Handful Of Dust. No Gods No Masters sees that the end is coming and reminds us that we can't do much other than embrace it. So feel the apocalypse, drown in volume and worship the almighty motherfucking riff.

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