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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Merlin - Electric Children

Merlin are one of those freaked out psychedelic doom bands who seem to really get it. Their latest offering Electric Children is a concept album of sorts, a record that drives forward with an ethereal magic and revels in driving chords counterbalanced with otherworldly soundscapes. Merlin have a distinct and strangely addictive sound, one that takes no prisoners and gives no shits. Cult obsessed, doomed to destroy and destined to die, Merlin rage forward with an album that hints at everything from Hawkwind to Motorhead.

The strange, melodic and wonderfully stoned vocals that dominate these songs is distinctly Sabbathian and hints at a similar sense of feeling lost and trying to find a path in a blasted world. the decision to end the record with a 23 minute long track, Tales Of The Wasteland is an interesting choice - one that proves the bands dedication to fuzz and also reminds us that Merlin are the real fucking deal. Electric Children is a record that crawls though peaks and valleys, just like those selfsame acid trips that surely contributed to the development of this band. Merlin understand the tripped out stomp this music needs to have.

It's easy to get lost in the guitar lines of this album and drown under the fuzz. Merlin are rock and roll maniacs, dudes who love to sit down, smoke bowls and riff. Yet there is something far greater than that in the music of Merlin - a sign that this band is going to go places. Why? Because they structure their songs with aplomb, building up to epic climaxes and coming down into devastating lows. Electric Children is a testament to a lost generation - one that needs these doomed messages more than ever before.

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