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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Ranger - Speed & Violence

Man you gotta love speed metal, especially when combined with thrash, power metal and even a touch of NWOBHM as we see on Ranger's latest offering, Speed & Violence, a record that offers exactly that. There is an infectious sense of fun about Speed & Violence as the band tramples forward and offers us a glimpse into a group who love the twisted magic of a sound that god forgot. They revel in the blood and craft high powered odes to thrashing your way across the globe in every sense of the term.

While Bonded By Blood era Exodus is perhaps the biggest and most obvious musical reference point here Ranger offer far more than just that. In some ways they feel like a thrash metal version of bands like Skull Fist. They careen forward extolling the virtues of heavy metal and gleefully navigating the same sort of demented fantasy world that makes the sonic holocaust of this type of music so appealing. There is an angular magic to the blazing riffs here and the gang vocals that seem to dominate the choruses add a sort of 'brothers in metal'-esque magic to the record that you can't quite separate yourself from.

After a long day sometimes you need some good old Finnish heavy metal to drive the nail home. The nervous energy tightly contained in Speed & Violence is addictive and it shows us a world where we all can dig in and fall in love. The latent power and burning might of this band is something you can't easily forget. They tear into the listener and pummel you with galloping rhythms full of the selfsame energy that made us all fall in love with this music in the first place - get into it or just pack up and go home.

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