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Monday, November 14, 2016

Vanik - S/T

I'm really digging this new wave of crazed balls out rock and roll that we've been hearing lately. Sure a lot of it is hopelessly derivative but every once in a while you stumble across a band like Vanik who seem to understand the fundamental power of the genre. Reminiscent of acts like Sister and featuring members of Midnight their self titled debut sees them raging, bringing waves of sound crashing down around the listeners ears and choking you in their punishing assault, one that seems to never let up or give in.

From the first demented cries of "Watch you die" it's apparent that Vanik are something a little different. Their tone is ballsy, rough around the edges and hints at a band who are going to tear you limb from limb. It's easy to enjoy their trademark stomp, there is something almost perversely bouncy about many of the songs on this record, reflecting the internal torment of the group but also a party hearty attitude that reflects a reality that I think we all need a heavy dose of after last weeks election results. The world of Vanik is one of dragons and kings, demons and rings, but also harsh streets, drugs and nasty fights.

There is a wonderful fascination with death found throughout Vanik and it adds to the gleeful morbidity of the record. At times I would argue there is something almost gleeful with how Vanik discuss the end of all things. They inject their morbid tendencies with the same sense of fucked up fun that makes the best Venom songs so vivid. These guys understand strong songwriting, and while not every riff may get you to the edge of your seat there is certainly enough to keep you coming on back.

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