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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Soothsayer - At This Great Depth

Man, as you all now, I love me some doom metal, especially when it plumbs strange new atmospheres and hints at soundworlds just beyond the realm of human comprehension. Soothsayer are the sort of band who grasp the quintessential magic of this band and remind us with At This Great Depth that there is a ton to be done in doom. Sure they don't deviate too far from the modern polemic but that doesn't mean that they haven't created something truly exciting. The understated poetry of this new release is strangely addictive. 

At This Great Depth is the sort of punishing aural nightmare that leaves you gasping for breath at times, but one that also opens up vast expanses of sound and shows us exciting things that are often forgotten. Though Soothsayer definitely delve into that which should not be, they also have found a niche for music that is simply powerful and grandiose in scale. At This Great Depth has a sort of antediluvian magic to it. It's an album that speaks in simple poetic phrases and then works its way up to crushing, face melting moments of what can feel like blunt force trauma, choking you out and forcing you to swallow.

I really love the rising and falling swells of sound that define At This Great Depth, it sort of adds to the nautical suggestions from the cover art and the album title. It's interesting to explore these two tracks and appreciate all that they have to represent. I like that the album clocks in at less than half an hour, it gives the songs a bit more weight and encourages repeat listens. At This Great Depth will draw you in ever deeper and show you that Soothsayer are the real deal, some of the great doom composers of our time.

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