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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Aluk Todolo - Archives Vol. 1

Aluk Todolo are one of those bands that seem to exist on the periphery of a variety of scenes but seem hard to nail down to just one - and I get the impression they like it that way. I mean they are instrumental and largely experimental, and I guess a little spacey, but that doesn't seem to impact their desire to play with everyone from black metal bands to weird outer sound acts. That's a huge part of what makes this release of archives so fascinating. It's a glimpse into the world of a band who are endlessly delighted in picking apart the rules and pushing for bolder and more exciting futures with every passing track.

With a band like Aluk Todolo it's typically all about the experience of complete records or the immersive live show. That's a huge part of what makes this archival release so interesting. While it certainly was carefully curated this is still a rather different take on the presentation of the group. It's a take though that doesn't alienate everyone but superfans. I only have a passing familiarity with the band having hardly listened to them in recent years but I still found it to be a fascinating glimpse back into what they have developed over a decade of hard work. The way their sound absolutely runs the gamut is endlessly endearing and pushes you to continue to develop your own work and fall ever deeper in love with the treasures hidden within.

While this certainly may be a bit to dense for your conventional music fan for those of us who like to take a trip on the other side and discover a section of the music world that is often ignored there is something utterly entrancing about Aluk Todolo. This is a band who get their own inherent dorkiness and want to share the thousands of hours of their travails with the world and I can't help but to love that. Getting lost in these rarities, demos and work in progresses is magical and something any true music lover can embrace.

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