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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Mountain God - Bread Solstice

Brooklyn has so many good bands out there it's almost painful. The resonant power of these bands makes itself felt in the cities various DIY clubs and even the legendary Saint Vitus Bar. Perhaps one of the greatest in this new generation of groups is Mountain God, a doom act who rise from the murk in order to create dominant and at times almost magical sonic explorations, navigating the darker side of human suffering. Mountain God are doom metallers for a new generation, driving forth in Yob worship and hinting at much more to come.

It's easy to get lost in the sonic landscapes that Mountain God cultivate. This is a band who seem to revel in the murk and craft potent new sounds with every crashing chord. There willingness to go from more traditional doom into weirder, even straight up noisy shit is delicious and evidenced even from the first song. Mountain God prove with Bread Solstice that there is no limiting there sound but rather that the more the merrier. That being said - this is no hodgepodge of riffs, Mountain God ease their way forward with a tightly concentrated approach, a definitive sound keeping things exciting and making your curious for what's to come.

Long story short, the demented sounds and sheer majesty of Mountain God suggest that this is a band with the potential to become a major driver in the doom metal scene. They have a sense of forward motion that many of their peers lack, but they are unafraid to ease back on the throttle and merely revel in the power of a great riff. Mountain God are a head and shoulders above many of their peers in this scene and Bread Solstice is a veritable statement and one that I sincerely hope will stand the test of time.

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