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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Necrowretch - Satanic Slavery

Necrowretch have been one of the most undeniably destructive bands in the world for years now. Their death metal assault, full to the brim with gnarly black metal and grindcore fringes makes for a record that is deeply unsettling and touches on demented themes with little care for the sanity of its listener. From the twisted intro the hyper speed and tortured riffs that slam into your ears and slither into you brain their latest offering Satanic Slavery is a veritable HP Lovecraft story come to bitter, quaking life.

This is a band who have always been a cut above their peers, but with Satanic Slavery it feels like the quality of the songwriting and the sheer madness behind the riffs has been kicked up yet another level. There is a certain blasphemous beauty to the reverbed out vocals and benzedrine guitar licks. Beyond that though there is a sense of bloodthirsty fun that defines the album, and really all of Necrowretch's discography. These guys are aware that they are pretty goddamn over the top and with Satanic Slavery they play that role to the hilt. You can practically see them lapping fake blood or tearing bibles apart as they stomp across the globe.

There is something strangely entrancing about Satanic Slavery, it's an album that forces the listener to really dig in and pick apart the darker side of their psyche. When a record comes out that is this balls to the wall and this dedicated to total aural subversion you need to steel yourself, yet no matter how you gird your loins there is rarely a true escape from the pummelling magic of death metal. In a world where death metal frequently pushes to be artsier or more technical Necrowretch simply don't give a fuck, and I kind of dig that.

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