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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Full Of Hell - Trumpeting Ecstasy

There are few bands who really capture my heart to the same degree as Full Of Hell. They have, in the past few years, proven themselves to be one of the most daring, forward thinking and professionally run heavy bands. They are miles ahead of any of their powerviolence or grind brethen, not only incorporating powerful avantgarde techniques and exciting noises, but also find a crushing brutality that their peers only wish they could touch on. The ball crushing wreck that is their latest offering Trumpeting Ecstasy is a masterpiece in every sense of the term.

Everything about this record is perfectly put together. The individual songs are crushing, capturing the sonic blasphemy that is Full Of Hell and pushing their music far further than many thought possible. The incorporation of more death metal into the sound has made the band significantly more versatile, and while you certainly have grindcore bangers, the guys have found ways to push beyond that. I think what really speaks to the power of this record is the pacing. The first eight songs last about as long as the last three. You get thrown into things quickly, and when the time comes for the final assault of At The Cauldron's Bottom, your body is ready for the final torment.

Full Of Hell have finally started to, on their own, meet the promise hinted at in their collaboration records splits and of course on their last EP. They have created a strangely addictive listen with tons of cool guest spots, devastating vocals and an all out assault that is at times just plain scary. Full Of Hell break all the rules and then they create some of their own. They tear out your throat and feast on the fetid flesh and then show you the way forward for an entire movement of bands, crossing genres with ease to prove themselves as kings of the underground.

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