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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Dead Earth Politics Live At Lucky 13's

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Lucky 13's is a special place, coated in metal posters and reeking of cheap beer. You gotta love it. There is a certain je ne sais quoi to the tormented realities of your average small metal venue. When the performers are up in your face and the stage is high enough for everyone to see you can't help but to fall in love with the experience. So when one of Texas's best metal bands chooses to grace its doors then you know that you're in for a special night and in their forty minute set more than proved the bands sonic triumph.

I think what really gets me about the Dead Earth Politics live experience is not the gnarly riffs, powerful songwriting and fun breakdowns but rather the impressive frontmanning of Ven Scott. He has the unique ability to capture the imaginations of the gathered masses, and no matter how big or small the crowd is he is able to guide his merry men on a quest  to win over every single person in the audience. The band itself deliver a potent performance, touching on ome classic metal tropes but also proving they are distinctly twenty first century. At the end of the day - Dead Earth Politics capture a certain sense of fun that few of their peers coul even dream of emulating.

In many ways Lucky 13s was the ideal venue for a band like Dead Earth Politics. Much like the band it is seeped in traditional heavy metal iconography but is unafraid to embrace a more hedonistic touch of evil. Their is a very real magic to heavy metal that I think is far too often forgotten these days, but Dead Earth Politics deliver it with one of the most professional and straight up engaging performances that you're going to see. More than once last night I found myself wondering - why the hell aren't these guys playing stadiums?

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