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Monday, April 3, 2017

Divine Element - Thaurachs Of Borsu

Regular readers know that I'm kind of obsessed with Spectral Lore and by consequence the mastermind behind the project, Ayloss. What few people knew though was that Ayloss had another project, Divine Element, featuring members of Necrophagist and a longtime collaborator Antonis. It's interesting to hear this mastermind performing on a project without doing vocals and instead just sitting back and composing powerful music. At the same time, th mindblowing drumming of Hannes Grossman pushes the whole thing to a new level.

Divine Element is a far sight removed from any of the members other projects. It reflects more on, dare I say, mainstream death metal influences and is less immediately opaque than Spectral Lore. The focus here is much more on powerful melodies and communicating the powerful stories within. In fact, hardcore fans will be stoked to find out that not only is Divine Elements apparently going to become a much bigger part of Ayloss's musical output but also that he will be releasing a companion novel to go alongside the stories on Thaurachs Of Borsu. It hints at a much grander vision for this music which only serves to make this album all the more interesting.

Thaurachs Of Borsu is in many ways an absolute stunner. Sure the execution still isn't quite where it needs to be but the potential is certainly there. Divine Element have tapped into a lot of elements that aren't found in these guys other works but which seems directly related. The potent grooves and folky melodies of a song like On The Trail Of Betrayal is strangely exciting and the dorky passion that drives this album along speaks to everything that Divine Element have been able to craft since their 2010 debut.

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