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Monday, April 3, 2017

Nephilim's Howl - Through The Marrow Of Human Suffering

Everything on I, Voidhanger tends to lean towards next level shit. They consistently find new and exciting material to push and it's hard to separate yourself from the insane aural magic they regularly curate. Such is the case with Nephilim's Howl and their new release Through The Marrow Of Human Suffering. While this Finnis black metal act is still very much in its initial phases and there are certain kinks in execution to work out, Through The Marrow Of Human Suffering hints at a band that can do so much more. 

A record that focuses on the individuals place in the cosmos and the power we get from reflecting upon history and our place within it one certainl gets a sense of the grandiose power of the band. Their quasi-clean bellows that dominate the vocal stylings seem bent on communicating these impressions, and though the execution is not totally on point the general idea is promising. This is a band who seem to have taped into a side of black metal that consistently shows a lot of potential but hasn't quite lived up to what it could be. Through The Marrow Of Human Suffering is a critical look at the human condition and a reminder that even in nihilism we can find hope.

It's easy to get lost in the mesmerizing power of this record and it's only the vocal lamentations that pull you out and remind you of the bitter reality. It's fun to have mid paced black metal that touches on things like guitar solos, an oft ignored side of the genre, and which is unafraid to use drawn out passages simply in the interest of building up a vibe. The technical skill on display here is impressive, perhaps making the bands dedication to nihilism and world crushing approach all the more crushing. Nephilim's Howl are on to truly special, now we just need to see them properly build up to it.

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