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Monday, May 22, 2017

Alunah - Solennial

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Alunah are one of those bands who have been rumbling their way across the doom metal underground for years now. Their latest offering Solennial, currently out on Svart Records is eight tracks of doom metal bliss, ebbing and flowing and using massive rolling riffs to help you get lost in a beautiful drone. Solennial is the sort of album that encourages you to navigate deep forests of sound and come out reveling in the sheer power that this music has created. There is a very distinct vibe to the band and it permeates this entire release.

I think one of the things that really interests me about Alunah is that even though they use most of the standard female fronted stoner doom tropes their music remains entrancing. Maybe it's the haunting almost Windhand-esque quality of the vocals, the fuzzed out grungy solos or just the sheer quality of the guitar tone, but there is something with Solennial that you can really sink your teeth into and get a lot of joy out of. Alunah resonate deep within your heart, crashing their way forward with warm production luring you in, step after step. Toss in some top notch songwriting and it becomes very hard to turn away from all that is happening here.

This is the rare stoner doom band who have cracked the formula and are able to bring enough of themselves into the mix, with their witchy and classically inspired vibes in order to make something unique and powerful. While you certainly hear elements of everyone from Windhand to Subrosa by way of Witch Mountain you can't help but to be charmed because all of those bands are fucking awesome. Alunah prove here that they are among the titans of the genre and in many ways drivers in their own right.

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