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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Staunch - Impulse To Destroy

When I first found out about Staunch I just sort of viewed them as 'My buddy Mitch's band' and gave it no further thought, I'm ashamed to say I didn't take the time then to dig in to what is now rapidly becoming one of my favorite crossover hardcore/thrash bands. This is a group who combine the emotional power of hardcore with a sort of crusty Neurosis-esque magic and toss in a healthy dose of American thrash metal in order to create something dynamic and exciting that is hard to truly wrap your head around. 

Impulse To Destroy is the sort of hardcore record that banks heavily on emotions and creating a potent sonic landscape for the music to play out over. Staunch revel in huge atmospheres, devastating hardcore beats and two step rhythms. The sense of balance that you find within this band, ranging from distortion laden arpeggios to stomps worthy of Inside Out is delicious. It reflects the true and very potent anger of Staunch, their tight rhythms are the sort of thing any hardcore kid can lock into emotionally and find salvation in. Staunch guide you into the pit and then make you cry, what's not to love?

These guys have been grinding away at refining this rather unique sound for years now, their songwriting is totally on point and the vision is incredibly clear. To say that Staunch is a step ahead of 99% of other hardcore bands would be an understatement. The way that they are unafraid of incorporating disparate elements into their music never fails to impress and it makes me desperate to see them live. They get what hardcore is supposed to be about, and rather than coming off as derivate we find them to be innovators. 

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