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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Aborted - Bathos

It's always nice to be given a reminder that yes, Aborted are pretty much the sickest thing ever. Their latest offering, the two track EP Bathos is an utter masterpiece, crushing the innocent, grinding their brains and then reminding us once more that Aborted are kings of the genre. In a time when death metal is experiencing a new heyday it is weirdly reassuring to have a band like Aborted balancing old school and new with intense tracks blaspheme a god that failed and which forces us to choke on an abismal reality.

I can't help but to love the ball breaking intensity of this record, the old hunger has clearly never left these Belgian overlords and the devastating magic of the shreddy riffs on a track like Fallacious Crescendo can't help but to awaken your inner 15 year old. I think the thing that really gets me about Aborted though is that somehow they keep getting better. Every release seems more on point than the last, and now three decades into their existence they prove that they are still unafraid to go out and smash open some skulls. Bathos is an EP that gets to the heart of why we love death metal and then beats that into our heads time and time again.

Undeniably charming and in many ways a little silly (I'm looking at those flashy solos!) Aborted have never shied away from cracking the listeners skull with a variety of sonic blasphemies and balls out assaults. The circle pit driven madness of these songs is delicious and the constant creative output of this band (This is after all their 19th release!) can't help but to inspire young death metal fans across the globe. You can get on board the hype train or not, Aborted don't care, they will just crack your fucking skull in.

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