Chuck Schuldiner Project

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Nomura - Inerte Affondare

Light hearted intro. Slowly building into something. The lead harmony reminds me of the record Ashes Against the Grain by Agolloch. Ahhh yes that wonderful d-beat crust swing comes into play. Just playing whatever you think sounds badass on guitar is always the best idea. Right off the bat this band also reminds me of what Norma Jean originally was with the original singer that went to The Chariot. I know I’m not the only screamo kid that didn’t know what to listen to and then one day found eclectic black metal. I’m even feeling Hopesfall vibes with the driving melody and raw screams. The second vocalist for Hopesfall to be specefic. What doom do you speak of? Groove Sir. The transitions are not only forward thinking, there seamless as well. The mixing on this album has everything evenly balanced, raw and heavy. Old school just heavy. Just makes you want to head bang. Really well thought out album. Great song writing. Can’t wait to hear more from this  band. How fitting to have the water just slowly wash you back into the endless vastnesss of life.

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  1. Was this an actual review? I have no idea what you are talking about?!