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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Poseidon - Prologue

There are few doom metal bands that really capture the imagination like Poseidon. A group who are well steeped in their Yob and Neurosis worship and who never raise up beyond the unholy grail that is presented within, Prologue is a stunning debut and one that can't help but to impress time and time again. In a world with a ton of Yob imitators but few who really get what makes the band so special Poseidon continue to reign with some of the most exciting doom metal to come from the void in recent years, and certainly some of the best on Ripple Music.

I think the first thing that strikes me about the sheer quality of Poseidons music is the guitar tone. That alone tells me that these guys have put countless hours into their work, refining a sound that is wholly their own but that remains sufficiently rich that it is not remiss to tie them into a long tradition of great doom metal bands. They are the sort of group who fit right into the scene, there is a logical space for them to grow and time and time again I can't help but to fall in love with their songwriting and truly epic production. Poseidon careen forward with a sort of antediluvian might that goes beyond human comprehension.

It's easy to get lost in Prologue and to wonder what more is to come. You hit some of these powerful driving riffs and you can't help but to feel your entire body tremble under the force of the band. The surprisingly subtle sonic assault is totally overwhelming, and while this record certainly bleeds into the longer side you can tell that it is worth every minute and that thought was put into its every utterance. A doom metal release for the ages you have to sit here and wonder what will come of this monstrosity next.

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