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Monday, July 31, 2017

God Mother - Vilseledd

Regular readers know that grindcore is one of my favorite things, but of course it often falls into a rut simply because of the very cyclic and minimalist nature of the music, so the fundamental struggle of the genre has always been overcoming that. There have been a variety of approaches to the genre over the years, many of which have worked fabulously and others not so much. I'm pleased to report that God Mother's take on the genre on Vilseledd falls firmly in the former category, cracking skulls and bringing down the sky, one crazed blast after another.

I think the thing that really gets me about Vilseledd is not just its ADD perfection, as that is fairly par for the course in grindcore. What really gets me is what God Mother is able to cram into each of these brief sonic blasts. Sure the longer songs are obviously more prone for experimentation, but even the short tracks belay a surprsing amount of influences for pieces a minute and a half long. There's touches of noise and prog brought in here, but also a certain sludgy grunge-esque magic. It's as if God Mother took a long hard look at some of the weirdest and most influential bands of the last few decades and put them all into this monolithic record.

Vilseledd is the osrt of release that can't help but to stun, it brings in a swathe of emotions and does it with an intelligence previously only reserved, within the genre at least, for bands like Gridlink. There is a sort of chaotic erudition here that serves to make for a unique listening experience. You feel yourself coming apart at the seams and realizing that that's the goddamn point. Vilseledd taps into everything that you should lvoe about modern grindcore and the band pulls off these core traits with aplomb.

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