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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Fornhem - Ett Fjarran Kall

Man I love me some black metal, and man do I love me some Prophecy Productions releases. Toss in the fact that another of my favorite labels Trollmusic is involved in this latest Fornhem release Ett Fjarran Kall and you know you're in for a good time.There is sometrhing uniquely transcendent about this record and how it speaks to pure black metal attitudes. If you can't become enamore with it then maybe the genre isn't for you. As for me I can't help but to fall in love with the grandiose atmospheres conjured up within.

The quality of the songwriting on Ett Fjarran Kall is insane. The way that the band is so easily able to conjure up these grandiose visions and remind us of their blazing eternal power is intense. The fact that Fornhem hasn't been on the fore of the black metal world for years genuinely confuses me since it's rare to find something that simultaneously is so primeval but also so well put together and modern. There is something about Ett Fjarran Jall that will mesmerize you and remind you time and time again that this genre speaks to the soul in a truly unique way. You get lost in the sonic deprivations within and realize that the true blasphemy is in embracing the north. 

There is something strangely poetic about Ett Fjarran Kall, the sheer patience it takes to get through it with its tracks wandering into the double digits minute wise and the depth of the music means that this record certainly isn't for everyone. The acoustic passages are masterful and the guitar tone glorious, it swoops in and out and leaves you perpetually in awe. It's also an album that demands your full attention with various little musical quirks hidden throughout that can't help but to remind you why you fell in love with this sound in the first place. Et Fjarran Kall is the sort of dynamic record that encapsulates why we live this music and I can't let it go. 

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