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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Iron Monkey - 9-13

Well - today in shit none of us ever thought would happen, I'm listening to a new record from the almighty Iron Monkey. With devastating hardcore riffs coming face to face with mind melting sludge we are finally getting the record that we have always deserved from a band who fell apart due to tragedy well before their time. It's strangely refreshing to get a brand new dose of oppression and madness from the dudes in Iron Monkey. The band sounds revamped and angrier than ever before, the sort of madness we can never escape.

The ball busting madness of this record, even from the first is plainly obvious. Longtime guitarist Jim Rushby KILLS it with vocals, his "Blechs" accentuate the power of the band, and the raw energy communicated in some of these monster riffs borders on terrifying. Iron Monkey prove with 9-13 that they were always too good for us. There is a surreal and powerful bitterness to this record that puts all of the bands peers to shame. It's clear that not only are Iron Monkey one of the key starting points for all of this music, but they are also the end point. They have always been a band who pushed things beyond the extreme, and 9-13 is a clear declaration of this.

It's hard to wrap your head around the sheer anger that defines this record. Sure the general concepts are fairly accessible to people involved in hardcore and sludge, but the amount of hatred distilled into just a few tracks here is insane. This is more than just a hardcore influenced sludge record, this is a powerful and devastating statement from a band who refuse to be tamed. Iron Monkey are reveling in the madness right now, drowning you in riffs and overbearing, impossible to comprehend, glorious fucking volume.

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  1. amazing review! Wish they would come back for a tour in the USA